Monday, 22 July 2013

Vixen by Jillian Larkin

Date Finished: 18 July 2013

Series: Flappers, #1

Rating: 4* 

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You know when you’ve had a book sitting in your bedside table for absolute ages but you feel guilty about reading it because you’re supposed to be reading something else which you really can’t get through, so every time you pick it up your brain is like: “Nooooo you monster, you should be reading Pride and Prejudice because it’s a classic and you have an exam on it in a week, this is wrong this is wrong this is wrong!” so you only end up reading a page, but once Pride and Prejudice is finished, you just pick up that book and devour it in a couple of days, cover to cover, like that ice cream you’ve wanted for months but knew you shouldn’t have then finally caved because, duh, it’s ice cream.

Ahem. So, um… yeah that was pretty much my relationship with this book. And to make it even worse, it’s exam time, so there was the added guilt of, “You need to study! You can’t fail school! You need school to pass at life!” but that little voice was easy to shut up with a cup of tea and a book… with an open Maths textbook nearby.

I’m not going to lie, books set in the early 1900s are kind of my kryptonite. There’s just enough drama and scandal to make it interesting, but no supernatural creatures, or balls, or skinny jeans, or corsets. And of course, there’s always the promise of the Three Glorious G’s when reading a Flapper-esque novel - glamour, gossip, and guys. The juicier the gossip, the badder the boys (badder? Really, Amy? And to think I just did a blog on grammar… oh the delicious irony…), the more glamorous the… everything, really.

Of course, Vixen was no exception to this rule of Flapper-dom (okay, wow… today is really not my day). And the tree-way narrative actually worked. Usually it really annoys me that just as one character’s story is getting interesting, the chapter ends and another character jumps in with another drama. The writing was good overall, but every now and again I couldn’t help feeling the teeniest bit bored, hence the four-out-of-five stars. On the whole though, I couldn’t and wouldn’t put it down.

I’m just a little annoyed at the ending. I really do NOT want to go and start the second one just to find out what happens to everyone (notice how I’m trying something new, called NOT SPOILING THE STORY – probably my biggest flaw) because I really DO have to go study for exams… I’m also trying this new thing called NOT FAILING SCHOOL, which just isn’t working out seeing as I’m prolonging the large Physics cramming session I should have started by now by writing a review for a book, which prevented me from studying in the first place… Why is my life such a mess? (That was a rhetorical question. Don’t answer it; I like living in denial.)

But we all know that someday, somewhere, I will go read that book… And I’ll love it… It just can’t be today (whyyyyyy? I want it nowwww *sob*) because I have to study.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be leaving… to go study… Physics… or maybe eat because eating is needed for living and if I’m dead I can’t exactly study can I or maybe I should clean my room because wow it’s such a big mess and nothing is colour coordinated and we need colour coordination to live because otherwise I can’t concentrate because I am secretly a bit OCD shhhh don’t tell anyone.

P.S. I just had three cups of coffee. I don’t know if you can tell…

P.P.S. Go and do your studying or whatever you should be doing because I know you’re procrastinating at something but before you do go watch my favourite procrastination video that I watch while I’m procrastinating here

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