Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bright Young Things by Anna Godberson

Date finished: 12 August 2013

Rating: 3*

Note: I will review the book without spoilers for all of you that haven’t read it yet, but I will have a spoiler section at the bottom so I can rant. Don’t read the spoiler section if you are planning on reading the book!

I had such high expectations for Bright Young Things, partly because I just recently finished Vixen, and partly because Anna Godberson wrote The Luxe series, which was pretty much my favourite series when I was younger. But sadly, it just didn’t live up to them.

Firstly, the characters. I don’t really know what to say about them. They were all so different, making you have a very different relationship with each of them. But, in my opinion anyway, they were really fake and plastic. Sure, some of them showed character development, but by the end, I still felt as though they were just characters in a book. And I know that’s what they really are, but a good writer will make you fall so deeply in love with their characters, that you almost expect to see them in real life. Bright Young Things didn’t have that.

And to be perfectly honest, I was so irritated with the characters at some points, because they were so predictable. They all had a personality competently set in stone, that they weren’t allowed to break. Ugh. That made it extremely hard for the characters to develop and change. Of course, the exception to this was Letty, but once she had changed, she sort of stayed on the line between her old self and new self, which was EXCRUCIATINGLY annoying.

Secondly, the plot. It was way too happy-go-lucky. Every time something remotely bad or exciting (because the bad things make it exciting, Anna Godberson, it’s called DRAMA  - the reason that teenage girls are obsessed with Twilight, even though the actual plot kind of sucked) then it would be sorted out immediately. Every. Time. Come on, Anna Godberson, give us something juicy and interesting and dramatic. Please.

Thirdly, the ending. Have I mentioned before that I hate cliffhangers? Well I do. And this one… After nothing exciting has happened throughout the ENTIRE BOOK… How could you, Anna Godberson? No. And I will not force myself to struggle through the next book, just like I did this one.

Overall, Bright Young Things was… okay. That’s it. Not exciting, and therefore, it has to be classified as boring. Which I guess it was. What a great start to holiday reading.

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And now for the spoiler section.


That's just not right. How are we, the teenage girls reading your book, supposed to feel now? We have no hope for ourselves. If the perfect girls in your book can't even get the guys, how are we supposed to get boyfriends? Huh? Or even HOPE to get boyfriends?

That is all.

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