Saturday, 27 July 2013

Romeo Redeemed by Stacey Jay

Date Finished: 27 July 2013

Series: Juliet Immortal, #2

Rating: 4*

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I love the feeling you get after just finishing an exciting book that ended on a high. That's why I thought I'd better review this a.s.a.p. before the buzz leaves me and I feel depressed because the series is over.

Romeo Redeemed was just as beautiful as Juliet Immortal, and filled with just as much - if not even more - drama, action, romance and twice as much adrenaline. It was beautiful, and I loved it - despite the fact that if you ask me in six months whether I loved a book based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, I'll deny it.

Romeo Redeemed has a similar storyline to that of Juliet Immortal, except that it's now a two-way narrative between Romeo and Ariel - the girl whose body Juliet inhabited in Juliet Immortal (if you're not following, read my review on Juliet Immortal - sorry, the storyline is confusing), but this time, Romeo, previously destined to live out eternity in a rotting body, has been given a second chance, this time to work with the Ambassadors of Light. His first mission to prove himself is to go back to where Juliet's story began in Ariel, this time without Juliet, and to make Ariel believe in love. Easy, right? Wrong. Ariel is ready to kill herself, and her date, after finding out that bad boy, Dylan Strauss, was only going out with her on a bet, and then offered her fifty bucks to "seal the deal". Coincidentally, Romeo is now inhibiting Dylan's body, so convincing Ariel that love exists is proving to be a lot harder than he imagined...

It sounds soppy, right? Well, it's not. True, it's a soppy romance novel at times, but it's also got that supernatural twist which, let's be honest here, makes all us teenage girls go a bit gooey... So long as there's no Edward Cullen... Which there isn't, I promise.

I love the characters in this series, Romeo Redeemed especially. When I say Ariel is a typical teenage girl, I mean she's a typical teenage girl. She has issues with her body, even though she's beautiful; she falls far too easily for boys, especially the ones that are no good for her; she has major trust issues; she believes everything her best friend tells her; she has fights with her mom... the list goes on. She's relatable, and that's what makes a good book. Honestly, all of us girls want to believe that a seven-hundred-year-old badass who's been reincarnated several times could potentially fall in love with us... sort of... (We'd settle easily for Patch or Daemon... If you're out there...)

But back onto the book. It had all those moments where you wanted to rip your hair out, then squeal, then cry... and then you just had to put the book down because, you know... too many feels. But that's what made it good, and that's why I liked it. 

I recommend the entire Juliet Immortal series to anyone who's looking for an easy, fluffy read. It's really short and the storyline's easy to follow (once you're reading it). 

Please feel free to comment below what you thought about the series, if you've read it, or if you want to read it, or if you don't want to read it. 

Also let me know if you have any other books you'd like me to read or review! Because now that I've finished this series... Well, it feels a bit like my life is over (as per usual - #booknerdproblems).

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  1. Amy. You are suppose to be studying. If I am not allowed to read during exams neither should you. Im starting to get withdrawal symptoms from lack of literature. This series sounds like just what I need. Living for Wednesday when I can start to read again. This series is definitely going on my list. #waitingonwednesday (sigh)

    1. *supposed... Read my blog on grammar; it helps with revising for English ;)

      And I see what you did there... using Katy's Wednesday blog title from The Lux Series... veeery clever...

  2. You should read Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. The following books are Linger and Forever.

    1. Thanks, it looks fantastic! I'll be sure to read it asap.
      - Amy