Friday, 5 July 2013

Fearless (#1, #2, #3) by Francine Pascal

Date Finished: 8 December 2012

Series: Fearless (Series Review #1, #2, #3)

Rating: 3*

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**spoiler alert**

Please note: This is a review on the first three books in the series, Fearless, Sam and Run, as the edition I read published all three books in one, making me view it as one very large book, instead of three separate ones.

Okay, so I don't usually read very thick books - such as this one - because I get very bored, very easily. However, Fearless kept me hooked right until the last few pages, simply because I really, really wanted to know two things: a) would she end up with Sam, and b) would she finally forgive her father? After 583 pages, I was still waiting for the answers to both of these questions, and to be quite honest, I was extremely irritated with the ending. Are you telling me that I struggled through a 586 page book, only to find out that Gaia's EVIL UNCLE manages to convince her that he is good, and saved her from his own evil minions? And then, if that isn't bad enough, her father, who did actually save her, doesn't even get to see her at the end of the book, and tell her that he loves her and beg for her forgiveness. And just to really make me want to commit suicide, after Gaia has spent practically HALF THE FREAKING BOOK trying to save stupid Sam, once she has actually saved him, the imbecile has the audacity to actually think that it was HEATHER who saved him, even though that stupid girl probably doesn't even know how to use a syringe. The whole three books build up to the last few pages, and I really thought that Sam would end up with Gaia, after all he did confess his undying love for her while he was kidnapped.

I honestly cannot believe that I read a 586 page book, only to find out that the story does not resolve itself, but instead there is ANOTHER book, the fourth one in the series, which, being the sucker for happy endings that I am, I am probably going to read anyway. Even though you just spent about two minutes reading this review, thinking I was going to say that there is no way in hell that I'm going to read the next book. Well, ladies and gentlemen, now you understand my feelings of frustration and anger upon finishing these books. 

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