Friday, 5 July 2013

Why I hate building

So recently (actually not-so-recently - more like last November) our family decided to start renovating. Yay! How exciting, right? Wrong. Don't get me wrong, the excitement of finally upgrading our cardboard box to a plastic tupperware was exciting at first, but the pros were very soon outweighed by the cons. So, without further ado, here are the top five reasons why I hate building:

#1: The dust
Okay, so it may not seem like that big of a deal, but trust me - it is. It gets everywhere. And when you're breaking down about 60% of a 75-year-old house, there's a LOT of it.

#2: The people
Obviously, when you're building, you anticipate that there are going to be people all over the place; the builder, the architect, the carpenter, the supervisor, the ACTUAL builders... But this is too much. There are people here ALL the time. Shouting, throwing bricks at each other, burying dead bodies... I don't even know what they're doing. It doesn't even sound like they're working, which brings me to:

#3: The noise
AAAARRRGGGG!!! I can't even... I just... No. There are no words. Let me paint you a picture: it's 7a.m. on a Saturday morning. You've had a tough week, stayed up late on Friday night, and just need ONE DAY where you don't have to wake up at six a.m. You're in a deep sleep, and having this amazing dream, when suddenly: "HEEEEY MA BRATHA!!!! AAAHAHAHAHA" *drill* "AHAHAHA" *crash* "EYOOOOO... EISH... IS IT BROKEN? OH NO... AAAHAHAHA"*gunshot* "EEHHHEHEHE... WAT? HEY ARE YOU SLEEPING? OH SORRY... AHAHAHAHA". I just can't even do this any more. This has literally been what I have gone through every Saturday since November.

#4: Everything's broken
Everything. When it's not the electricity, it's the water, or the phone, or the internet, or the alarm, or my bedroom. My bedroom was supposed to be the one room which wasn't being TOUCHED. It was the sanctuary, which would remain the same for all eternity. But nooooo, because karma hates my ass and is now getting me back for every little bad thing I've ever done, my room is now about to FALL INTO THE ROOM BELOW. I have cracks all the way up my walls, and a five centimetre gap between my floor and wall. FML.

#5: There's no space
Our living room is currently functioning as kitchen, storage room, dining room, TV room and sometimes bedroom. My sister was living in my parents' dressing room up until recently. The four of us were sharing one bathroom. Need I say any more?

And the best part: the entire house was supposed to be finished like two weeks ago. We are not even halfway yet. I don't know how much longer I can live like this. Right now I'm about to go and push a builder off the roof...

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought in the comments below!


  1. Ha ha ha! Can I tell you which builder to push?

  2. Just relieved you haven't fallen through into the dinning room,,, yet.

  3. Oh Amy, you have my sympathy! At least we are not LIVING in our building site, unlike you. But I do empathise with everything else. Oh well, one of my lifes little mottos for you: 'This too will end'.

  4. Shame Precious Girl I do understand what you going through we are about to start up AGAIN @ plot 39 (otherwise you would be welcome to bunk with us)
    The Big Guy is at it again hope it doesn't take as long as yours
    PS Maybe you should try locking the door!!
    Just a thought..........