Monday, 8 July 2013

My Life is Complete...

My life literally just gained meaning again. Just look at this:

This is the most badass thing I have ever seen. I am in book-nerd heaven, right now.

Michele, you are forgiven for giving me my birthday present three months early. This is officially the best present ever. And now I will continue to lend you books again. And I will finally solve the mystery of which of my friends always bends the spine... I'm onto you, you murderer...

This is what it says on the back if you can't read it: "Knock Knock's Personal Library Kit allows bibliophiles to keep track of their personal collections with methods proven by history's great libraries. Simply apply the self-adhesive pockets to treasured tomes, fill out circulation cards to note what's missing from the shelves, and employ the date stamp to gently remind borrowers when precious volumes are due for return."

Oh sweet holy alien babies everywhere. This is like my dream. I EVEN HAVE A STAMP. My life is complete. 

Oh my gosh. I just had a vision of myself in fifty years as that creepy secretary from Monsters Inc., except as a librarian. This is just the beginning.

My life is over. I am going to turn into some creepy slug lady who sits in a dark library all day  whisper-yelling "Your books are overdue!" and "SSSSHHHHH!" in some creepy raspy voice.

And organising books into alphabetical order.

And using my super cool stamp.

I am such a bibliophile. Hell, I am such a nerd. I need psychiatric help. And soon. 

Right after I've finished sticking these cool little adhesive pockets into every single one of my books, and then re-organising my bookshelf into alphabetical order, then colour coding them by my star rating of each one...

*sigh of happiness*

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  1. I can never see you as some creepy, slug creature. Love the LIbrary Kit -have fun!

  2. I am the best present giver ever. Just saying.