Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay

Date Finished: 22 July 2013

Series: Juliet Immortal, #1

Rating: 4* 

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This is so not the type of book I usually read.

Okay maybe it kind of is.  Though I hate to admit it. It was soppy and romantic and… and…

Okay, what the hell am I going on about? Yes it was romantic, but it was also pretty freaking awesome. Basically, we have the whole story of Romeo and Juliet wrong. Simple as that. And the true story (according to Stacey Jay) is a hell of a lot less twelve-year-old-falls-in-love-with-eighteen-year-old-badass-and-three-days-later-they-get-married-then-he-kills-her-cousin-and-gets-banned-from-the-country-and-she’s-supposed-to-marry-some-Paris-dude-so-she-fakes-her-own-death-so-Romeo-kills-himself-and-then-she-kills-herself-the-end-goodbye, and a whole lot more demented-Romeo-wants-eternal-life-so-he-kills-his-new-bride-Juliet-but-SURPRISE-she-becomes-immortal-too-and-now-they’re-on-opposite-sides-of-the-forces-of-the-universe-that-create-and-destroy-true-love.

So… um… yeah it’s a whole lot cooler than it looks. Juliet has just been transported to a new body in modern-day time, and is seeking to fulfill her usual job of bringing together two soul mates and helping them discover eternal love. But now Romeo’s shown up, and he wants her to help him escape his life of inhabiting the bodies of the dead. And Juliet’s fallen for the boy she’s supposed to be making fall in love with her best friend.

It’s complicated.

But… I loved it. It was quick and easy and light and happy… It just made me feel all fluffy inside, okay? Don’t judge; we all need those short, happy books that make us believe in humanity again.

But seriously, it was really cute. The writing style was fantastic. The characters all had so much depth to them, and were surprisingly relatable, seeing as they’re adapted from a play written by Shakespeare absolute ages ago, and getting teenagers to read anything Shakespeare-related is… tricky at best. I mean, come on, I am pretty much as book-nerd-teenage-girl as you get, and the most Shakespeare I’ve read is the first two pages of Macbeth (and the SparkNotes summary for a Drama project… but that doesn’t count) and the closest I’ve gotten to actually READING Romeo and Juliet was this book… and watching Baz Luhrmann’s film starring Leonardo di Caprio… So well done to Stacey Jay for helping teenagers understand Shakespeare a little more. And for making it interesting along the way.

This is the perfect book to read in between thick serious books, if you’re an avid reader, or even to help you get on track to becoming an avid reader. It took me about a day and a half to finish it, so it’s very short and fluffy, and the storyline’s pretty easy to follow once you start reading.

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  1. Sis Amy tut tut. How dare you insult Shakespeare!!!! He is an English god! Oh my how disappointed I am with you. I must teach you about the epicness that is Shakespeare! You are uneducated young one but fear not, first thing after exams I will teach you.

    1. Firstly: since when do you read Shakespeare?

      Secondly: if my education consists of watching Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet, I have the DVD.

      Thirdly: Thou art foolish to attempt to type the language of the god of which thou speaketh, and furthermore speaketh it wrongly. I hereby propose a "study session" as thou calleth it, in the English language, commencing as the second sun rises from this time forth. Thou shalt truly passeth thou English Exam whence I myself have finished with thou.