Friday, 5 July 2013

Losing Lila by Sarah Alderson

Date Finished: 7 January 2013 

Series: Lila, #2

Rating: 4*

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Please don’t kill me but I was a tiny bit disappointed with this book. Don’t get me wrong, I am still totally in love with this series and Sarah Alderson’s writing, I just felt that the storyline was a bit repetitive at times. 

Maybe I’m being too hard on this book. Overall, I loved it and it kept me hooked, I just couldn’t help getting a bit annoyed with the storyline at times. I hate the way that all the books I’m reading at the moment have the same sort of romantic structure, and I understand that it must be hard for the authors to introduce a whole new way of falling in love, but seriously? They’re all pretty much exactly the same in that area. Book 1: girl falls in love with boy, boy keeps his distance, boy falls in love with girl, cue romantic moment where they declare their love for one another. Book 2: boy and girl start off in love, boy and girl have fight, girl devastated because boy doesn’t seem to be in love with her any more, boy and girl get back together at end of book after boy saves girl and we find out he loved her all along. I mean come on. Sure, the first few times you read about it, it seems romantic and sweet, but by about the fifteenth time you’re reading through the same scenario, you can predict EXACTLY what’s going to happen in terms of their love life. And I’m not saying it ruins the whole book, it just makes it slightly more boring and same-ish. 

But anyway, aside from all of that, I was actually pretty impressed that Sarah Alderson managed to continue developing her characters throughout the second book. At the end of Hunting Lila, I thought I’d gotten to know each and every character pretty well, but in this book I was really pleased that I got to see them experience their darker sides. I have to say that out of all the characters, I love Suki and Nate the most, simply because they’re so bubbly and fun and their comments throughout the series have me in fits of laughter (one of my favorites was: ‘“…she’s a pain in the culo. I’m learning Spanish,” she said brightly. “Culo means ass.”’), as well as the fact that I am soooo envious of their abilities. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to be able to read minds, or better yet, float out of your body and be able to go wherever you pleased. And I’m not saying that if I did have Nate’s ability I would use it just to spy on people like Alex like he does (well, not ALL the time, anyway). 

I’m really sad that the series is over (it is, isn’t it? There isn’t some or other third book that I’ve missed by accident?). I really loved the originality of the storyline and the way Sarah Alderson managed to make me believe so much in the story that I’m actually starting to test whether I do actually have any special abilities.

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