Sunday, 8 December 2013

Recent Attempts at Socialisation

Children of the internet! The time of depression, confusion and desperation has come to an end!

Well, kind of. School’s out for the December holidays, which brings on a strange feeling of self-importance and the idea that, “We are infinite,” to quote Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower, in teenagers all around the globe. Unfortunately, with the coming of the holidays comes the end of excuses such as: “Gee, I’m so sorry but I’m grounded until the end of exams,” or, “Whoops, sorry I can’t make that party. I’ve got a ten page History essay due Monday and my parents will kill me if I fail this one,” or even, “Sorry, I promised so-and-so that I’d help them pass Math this weekend.” *cue seven hour Call of Duty marathon and useless attempts at studying*

(Okay so maybe I’m exaggerating a little. I do actually go out, contrary to what I say on this blog, and my entire life does not only consist of reading, writing, eating and sleeping. I am just a typical internet-child, and am much, much more comfortable lying in my bed on Twitter or Tumblr than being put in awkward social situations … I have no idea why I just even tried to stand up for what remains of my dignity. Anywaaaaaayyyyy…)

Sorry for the long intro. Basically, this is another “Story-time with Amy” a.k.a “let’s listen to Amy embarrass herself publicly on the internet yet again lol #embarassingblogs #nerdfest #lame.” Ahem. Anyway.

1: The Typical High-School Party

On the Saturday after our school’s exams had finished, I decided to go to my friend’s birthday party, at which her parents voluntarily allowed her to invite about eighty people over to spend the evening sprawled out drunk in the garden. Given the amount of time I’d spent lying in my room this year, my parents actually encouraged me to go, and my other friends that were going spent an entire two weeks trying to get me excited about it, and then ruining it by warning me about all of the things that could possibly go wrong a day or so before.

So to cut a long story short, I freaked out about it – being the paranoid person I am – and then got there to realize that I am not as socially awkward as I expected, enjoyed myself – despite the large amounts of smoke that people blew into my face and the several gallons of beer that were spilled on my shoes (I’m kidding) – and then went back home to my books and YouTube and made no further attempts at moving besides:

2: Nickelback Concert

And it was amazing. There are no words to describe…

Okay, so there was the expected swearing, and the fake tequila shots that they took onstage (how stupid does Chad Kroeger think we are? I mean honestly, all professional singers know that drinking alcohol damages your voice, and there is no way you would be stupid enough to drink in the middle of a concert, and then pull it off without your voice cracking or singing off-key), but you really can’t expect any more from Nickelback.

And they genuinely put on an excellent show. We even had a moment of silence for Madiba, in which some drunken morons didn’t shut up, so the rest of the audience covered up their stupidity by singing the national anthem. It was beautiful.

My only disappointment was that Avril Lavigne did not come in as a surprise act and perform “Don’t Let Me Go” with Chad Kroeger. I think I would’ve died if that happened.

So basically, my two recent attempts at socialisation – although not as bad as I expected, and actually enjoyable – consisted of many, many, many drunk people. In conclusion, I have tried it, I did not like it, and I now have an excuse to stay holed up in my bedroom until the day I die.

(Once again, I’m joking. To those of you who do know my parents, please don’t phone them in concern about my social life. I’m fine. I do actually have friends, I do actually go out, and these two events mentioned were not the only two times I’ve been out this year. In fact, expect a blog on my clubbing experience in the near future.)

Sorry for the random update. I’ve been really out of blogging and reading lately with exams and school and everything, but now that it’s holidays hopefully I can get back into it again. I PROMISE NOT TO ABANDON MY BLOG FOR WEEKS ON END AGAIN. IT WAS A HORRENDOUS SIN. I’M SORRY.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment and  S U B S C R I B E  for updates whenever I post a new blog/review/poo-on-a-page-like-this-blog-I’m-sorry-again.

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  1. I like social amy....fits your cool should be out and about...