Saturday, 28 December 2013

Happy Holidays!

Am I that bad of a person that I have not even done a Christmas blog yet, and it’s already three days after Christmas?

I’m sorry.

So… Merry Christmas! I hope that you all had a really, really good holiday, and that at least some of you made use of my tips for Christmas socialisation. To my disappointment, I personally did not get to use any of them this year, as it turns out that my family actually reads my blog, so most of Christmas dinner consisted of horrified family members asking me if I honestly had any experience as a prostitute (seriously? This is me we’re talking about, here…) so luckily I got to dodge the dreaded question. I think everyone got the message… Oops.

Just a note on Christmas Spirit… I have to say that I totally believe in carols and watching endless re-runs of Christmas Friends episodes, and even the occasional Christmas movie. Okay… so maybe – just maybe – I spent the whole of Christmas Eve watching soppy Christmas movies that I’d recorded weeks before, like The Grinch and Elf and Four Christmases and Anything but Christmas - to name a few. And I am so utterly overloaded by the cheesiness of the magic of Christmas that I think I’m developing another kidney stone.

Anyway… This blog is also just to inform all of you that I am currently visiting family in George, so I cannot promise that your days will be filled with reading endless and useless posts from yours truly. I’ll try my best to post snippets of entertainment and the occasional review, but – once again – I make no promises. (My cousins don’t read, and apparently it’s “not sociable” to drive for thirteen hours in a car to visit people but then remain locked in a room on your own for the majority of the visit. Who knew?)

I hope everyone has a relaxing festive season. Stay safe! Don’t let your family eat your Christmas presents! Don’t adopt any stray elves! Don’t over-indulge in carols! Don’t gorge yourself on leftover Christmas cake!

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