Saturday, 21 December 2013

Pure by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Date finished: 21 December 2013

Rating: 5*

Series: Covenant, #2

As per usual, Jennifer L. Armentrout has totally outdone herself. I mean, with every YA series, I always expect the second book to be a bit mediocre because of the unwritten rule that the main couple always – ALWAYS – fights or breaks up in the second book (I think this is the second time I’ve mentioned that in a review this month), but even following this “rule”, Armentrout managed to get me to overlook it by filling the plotline with so, so much drama and commotion and action that I honestly don’t know what to do with myself now that it’s over.

To be perfectly honest, a few chapters into Pure, I was still fully expecting it to be a half-hearted “filler” book where Alex and Aiden get all of their fighting and hate out so that the rest of the series can be “happy-go-lucky”, and they can face bigger problems than their own relationship. I was so incredibly wrong. Just as I was beginning to get a bit annoyed with Armentrout, she starts chucking all these hot Appolyons, daimon half-blood attacks, deaths, council members, betrayals, friendships and scandals into the mix, making me so confused and excited at the same time. And before I know it the book is already over and the unspeakable has happened.

Everything about this series just entrances me and makes me physically desperate to carry on reading – the plot, the witty one-liners that I find myself highlighting so that I can use them in real life, the realistic characters (not to mention Armentrout’s incredible ability to create swoon-worthy boys) and the twisted society that is so much like our own in its sense of segregation and suppression… Armentrout really knows what she’s doing.

Well, I think that was a very calm and collected, spoiler-free review that I have now posted on Goodreads, but no Jennifer L. Armentrout review of mine would be complete without a snarky comment, fangirl session, or slight spoiler, am I right?

I just want to point out that I am so confused right now because usually - no, ALWAYS - I know exactly whose side I'm on in terms of who the girl should pick like in Twilight I was so Team Edward and in The Hunger Games I was 10000000% Team Peeta but to be honest now I don't know about Team Aiden or Team Seth because I just can't choose they're both so nice to her and I know she should end up with Aiden because forbidden love and Romeo and Juliet and whatever else Shakespeare decided would make a good plot line for every single book, movie and play ever but Aiden told her he didn't love her even though I know he does and he made her so heartbroken so he really doesn't deserve her but on the other hand he's so nice and he took her to the zoo and he knows her backwards and that thing at the end ERMAGHERD he really does love her but he let her escape with Seth and she's the second Appolyon so she kind of has to be with Seth but then also that creepy Oracle told her that she must choose the path that isn't fate or else she must face the consequences but either way she faces consequences oh my gosh.

Sorry. That was almost - ALMOST - a civilised and useful review. Maybe next time I'll get it right.

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