Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Date finished: 27 August 2013

Series: Lux, #4

Rating: 5*

I am so ridiculously infuriated right now.

What is this? Like, genuinely? Why? Why would you do this to us, Armentrout? Why? I don’t think you have realized how long we have waited for this. So. Incredibly. Long. And there you go and end it on a cliffhanger.


I’m getting a little sick of this.

And it has literally just come out. It legitimately came out TODAY. TODAY. And now we have to wait another who-knows-how-many-months for the next one, because you just couldn’t end the story with Origin. Oh, no. You just had to delay the happy ending for who-knows-how-many-more books that I’m going to have to read.

Not that I’m complaining (much).

Anyway, now that my rant’s over… As I’ve said before in my review of Obsidian/Onyx/Opal, I’m pretty sure that I’m eventually going to be taken to a mental institute because of this series. After the ending of every single book in this series, I’ve legitimately had a miniature panic attack, followed by a screaming fit, a phone call with a friend who has also just finished the book (which co-incidentally consists of more screaming and panic attacks and usually results in my father threatening to confiscate my cellphone because the neighbors are complaining about the noise – obviously they are not Luxen, or they would understand why I was excited) and an angry draft e-mail to the author which never really gets sent because I am too busy Googling spoilers for the following book.

*sigh.* You have ruined me, Jennifer L. Armentrout. Ruined me. You know what I did all day today? I woke up at 7:01 am, because – as I have mentioned before – I live in the lovely country of South Africa, which has a time zone seven hours ahead of that of America, so at exactly 7 a.m. here, it is only just midnight over there. So at 7:01 a.m. this morning, technically Origin SHOULD’VE been released on Kindle, because in America it was officially the 27th of August. But it wasn’t. Just my luck, right? So I waited. And waited. And waited. And eventually went and did other, meaningful stuff (lying on the beach, trying – and failing – to get a tan) only to discover several hours later that the book had been released several hours ago, and that my friend – who has also been obsessed with the series, and actually introduced me to it – had already finished it. So what did I do for the rest of the day? Well, I read it of course. Only stopping to eat and indulge in pointless human conversation to ensure my family that I was not yet dead or suffering from a mental illness.

Yet. Not suffering from a mental illness YET. But it was worth it. As always, Armentrout never disappoints with her writing, or her stories, or her characters. Her novels are far too realistic for the sakes of her readers (I am STILL waiting for some super hot alien boy living in my neighborhood to reveal himself…). Only really the endings disappoint, and even then, it’s only because I have to wait SO INCREDIBLY LONG for the next book in the series to come out. But I will console myself in the meantime with the new Pittacus Lore book (which is being released on the 29th of August, by the way!) and attempt not to get myself admitted into any mental hospitals.

Armentrout really outdid herself in Origin. I honestly was wondering how it could've gotten any better than Opal, but somehow, it did. The surprises came in waves, each bigger than the last, as did each new obstacle, all building up to the teeth-grinding, hair-ripping, clothes-tearing ending. And the double POVs, switching between Daemon and Katy - just made it that much more incredible.

If you haven’t read this series yet: do it. If you have: we will definitely be friends someday. If you don’t plan on reading it: you suck (or are not a teenage girl… in which case, I forgive you.)

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