Tuesday, 13 August 2013

10 Things Meg Cabot Taught Me

I love Meg Cabot with all my heart and soul. She was the first author who got me truly hooked on reading, and I’ve read almost all of her books. These are the life lessons her books have taught me:

1. If you ever die, all you have to do is complain loudly about how the people are not being treated properly, until you catch the attention of the sexy “grim reaper”, John. Once he takes you back to his home, throw hot tea on him and run up the stairs through the door, and you will come back to life. Easy, right? (Abandon)

2. When a boy insults you and criticizes the amount of water bottles you’re taking onto a plane (you could crash and get stranded in a desert; you'll need the water!), it means you two will fall madly in love. (Every Boy’s Got One)

3. If you’ve been with a boy for ten years, and he still doesn’t want to marry you because he’s more interested in his band than he is in you, dump him. You’ll end up with a super handsome, super rich lawyer anyway. (Boy Meets Girl)

4. Just because a boy stalks you and writes loads of songs about how much he misses you, it doesn't mean he wants you back. It probably just means he doesn't know where you put his bowling shoes/coffee filters/favourite T-shirt, and wants you to come back to clean his apartment. Move on. He'll be writing songs about the new supermodel he's madly in love with in no time - if he can find a word to rhyme with "Vivica". (Boy Meets Girl)

5. If your elderly neighbor gets attacked and goes into a coma, chances are that her rich nephew did it, and will send someone to pretend to be him while he vacations with a Victoria’s Secret supermodel. You will definitely fall madly in love with the guy who pretends to be the nephew (but only if you are a redhead). (The Boy Next Door)

6. Human brain transplants are real, and doctors are lying when they say they aren't. (Airhead)

7. If your brain ever gets transplanted into the body of a famous supermodel, the only way you’ll ever be able to tell your best friend that you love him is if he figures out that you’ve swapped bodies himself, because the company you work for is evil and wants to keep pretending that you’re a supermodel. So you’d better hope that your best friend is a computer genius, and that he can hack into the company’s database. (Airhead)

8. Size twelve is not fat. (Size 12 Is Not Fat)

9. Size 14 is not fat, either. (Size 14 Is Not Fat, Either)

10. If you’ve never really known your father, or your grandmother on your father’s side, the most likely explanation is that your father is prince of a small country not found on most maps, and that you are his only heir. Princess lessons with your grandmother will ensue. (The Princess Diaries)

Hope you enjoyed my list of Things Meg Cabot Taught Me!

Comment below on what Meg Cabot taught you, or any other authors, movies, or artists you’d like me to make a similar list on if you enjoyed this one!

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