Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Mortal Instruments Feels

So I realised that after I went to see The Mortal Instruments on Saturday night and typed up this tornado of feelings... I forgot to publish it. *facepalm* So I guess I'll just publish it now... On Tuesday... I apologise for my stupidity.

So much emotion. So little time.

Oh. My. Word.

It was amazing. It was just so incredibly amazing and so much better than I expected I am literally exploding with emotion right now.

I'm having such an emotional panic attack that I just misused the word "literally." That's when you know.

It's okay. Breathe... Remember to breathe...

Okay I'm fine. I think.

So, I watched it. I finally - FINALLY - watched The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and it was incredible. It was just so good. The actors, the director, the screenplay... Everything. I just loved it. And I'm not a professional film-critic, so I'm not going to "review" the movie as such, but I just need to explain my emotions to somebody, okay?

I'm going to be honest, here, so please don't hate me, but after I heard that Jamie Campbell Bower was playing Jace, I threw an absolute fit. I was so disappointed, and I think I can safely say that most of The Mortal Instruments fandom was going through the same emotional trauma as my friends and I were. I lost all hope in the movie, and almost refused to look at any spoilers or pictures that were released as it was being filmed. A couple of days before I went on camp, I read a couple of the reviews on the movie that said that Jamie was such a terrible actor and that he ruined the film, which made me slightly less excited to see it, and extremely worried that he would ruin one of my favourite series forever.

To all those of you who are not obsessed with any series or book that is or has been turned into a film, you just need to understand how traumatic it is for a book-lover to decide whether or not they want to watch the movie. Because after you've seen the movie, the characters are no longer figments of your imagination, and you can no longer see then as you imagined them after watching an actor portray them. They will forever look like the actor in your mind, and it takes something special away from the book. Even re-reading The Hunger Games, I can't remember how I pictured Peeta or Katniss, because not they just look like Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence dressed up as Peeta and Katniss. There is something somewhat melancholy about losing your imagination to film, even if the actors portrayed the characters absolutely perfectly, which is rare in any case.

So anyway, back to Jamie Campbell Bower. The friends I went to go see it with and I were a bit (okay so a bit more than a bit) disappointed with his casting, and one girl I know was even prepared to take a cutout of Alex Pettyfer into the cinema and hold it in front of Jace's face throughout the film. But Jamie was actually really good. He wasn't the best Jace ever (the Jace in my head was WAY better, but then again imagination always wins) but he did really well portraying just the right amount of cheekiness, hotness and arrogance that Jace Wayland truly is. I thought he was great, and I wasn't disappointed in him at all, surprisingly enough. Plus the British accent... Kills teenage girls everywhere.

All of the other actors and actresses were also absolutely amazing. I loved Alec and Magnus. And Clary was perfect. How is Lily Collins allowed to be so pretty? That's just not fair.

But anyway, now that I've finished watching the movie, I just want to go and see it again. And again. And again. It's going to be one of those DVDs (like The Hunger Games and Romeo and Juliet - the Baz Luhrmann version - and The Great Gatsby) that I'll force my kids to watch one day. After they've read the books of course. I ain't gonna raise no illiterates in my home.

To all those of you who haven't read the books and were all, "Ermagherd Jace and Clary are BROTHER AND SISTER???!!!!11!! INCEST!!11!!!" it all works out. I promise. Go read the series.

Oh, and one more thing: the Catching Fire trailer came on just before the movie started, and - of course - my friends and I had a mini (okay not so mini) fangirl session which may or may not have resulted in people threatening to exile us from the cinema. Pfft... Amateurs. They should've known that the people that dressed up as shadow hunters (runes and all) just to see the movie would've been MAJOR Hunger Games fans as well. Please, the Hunger Games fandom and The Mortal Instruments fandom are like brother and sister. Except we don't make out (Clace joke... don't freak out; read the series.)

Sorry for the abuse of capitals, exclamation points etc in this blog. Also for the major fangirl session. And the use of "ermagherd". It won't happen again. Until my next fangirl session. When Catching Fire comes out (November, I am waiting...)

Oh, and you can bet on the fact that I'll definitely be going to go see it in the cinema again... And then buy it on DVD... And then watch it every day until I die... Why am I so cool...

Comment below on your thoughts on the film and the novels if you've seen/read them!

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