Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Awaken by Meg Cabot

Date finished: 21 August 2013

Series: Abandon Trilogy, #3

Rating: 5*

I am in denial.

How could it be over? HOW?!

I don’t think you even understand. I’ve spent like three years of my life DEVOTED to this series. THREE YEARS of waiting for each book to be released, jumping up and down when it finally is, spending a full day locked in my room reading it with NO HUMAN CONTACT WHATSOEVER, and then crying when it’s over. Repeat this process twice, with extended waiting periods and misinformation on the release date (read more about it in my fangirl blog from yesterday), and putting myself through the pain and thrill of re-reading the first two books over and over again when I was upset and needed hope, and you’ll sort of feel the way I’m feeling now.

I feel like I’ve spent three years in a relationship with this amazing person, except now I’ve just been brutally dumped.

And it wasn’t even as if the book was bad. The ending wasn’t even bad. The problem was, the whole series was just absolutely incredible, and now I’m devastated – DEVASTATED – that it’s over.

It didn’t even take me a day. Not even twenty-four hours, including sleep and the four hours of community service in a library that I did this morning (for fun – I know, I am just so cool and have such an amazing social life).

No, Meg Cabot. You are a cruel, cruel creature. I demand that you continue to write more and more sequels to this series until the day you die.

Actually, don’t, because – even though I am HEARTBROKEN – it ended on a high, and you couldn’t outdo yourself if you tried.

Of course, that’s what I said about Abandon… and Underworld… and the entire Princess Diaries series…

But anyway, the book. It was incredible, as I have already mentioned several times. I have developed a relationship with each and every single one of the characters in this series, and the story will remain forever in my heart, and the books close to my bed (so I can read them when I get sad, and regain my faith in good writing).

Every single teenage girl should read this series. No matter what genre you like, or if you don’t even read. It’s easy and exciting and amazing, and eventually you’ll get over the fact that John has long hair (even though it took me a while, but hey, if you’re into that sort of thing – boys sitting on large horses with the wind blowing their long, flowing hair back – good for you).

But seriously. Read it.

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