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The Nerd List - October 2014

Yes, yes, yes… I’m two days late and I am fully aware and apologetic of the fact. Unfortunatley, it seems that Maths, in the form of an AP Maths exam that I wrote yesterday (on a Saturday, as if the education system isn’t filled with enough cruelty), is once again getting in the way of writing. The English department would be thrilled at another example in how Mathematics is getting in the way of literary education.

In any case, on with the Nerding! Let’s pretend it’s still October, shall we?


Books I’ve Read:

Book of the month

So seeing as we’re pretending that it’s October, technically if I finished a book today it still counts as an “October Book”, right? In that case, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves wins, hands down. As I said in my review, it’s an essential read for everybody who breathes air. No excuses.

Character of the month

Rosemary Cooke from We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves is by far the most incredible character I have encountered in a long time. Actually, I can’t even consider her a character, because she’s so human. Rosemary is fierce, but she finds it difficult to place herself in modern society. She’s independent, and yet she’s still growing up and still making mistakes. She’s complex and unique and I think she’s wonderful. Best of all, she eventually manages to overcome everything she’s struggled with for years and stops listening to the people who tell her she has to “fit in” like everybody else. Rosemary starts to make her own rules about life, and that’s what makes her truly powerful.

Quote of the month

“Whenever you need to win a situation - talk about jazz, Johanna. It confuses people.”


Fangirl moment of the month

Let’s just take a quick moment to remember that this blog is a no judgment zone (unless I’m doing the judging, of course) before I tell you possibly one of the nerdiest things I’ve ever freaked out over.

Okay. Are you ready?

There is this place in town that has over seven floors filled with used books and records. Filled. Not like shelves-that-run-across-all-the-walls full. Like you-walk-through-the-door-and-trip-over-piles-of-books full. It is phenomenal. They have a first edition Mein Kampf in the basement. It is heaven. Absolute heaven. I could’ve stayed there forever, were it not for the fact that there was nowhere to sit except the floor and the smell of dust and books was making me slightly intoxicated after a couple of hours. Blog coming soon, complete with photos.

Facepalm moment of the month

I can’t think of anything embarrassing I’ve done this month, so that must either be a really good thing, or I did something so bad that I had to block it from my memory.

But hey, if you’ve been feeling a little self-conscious this month, at least you didn’t get caught by the police for stealing a chainsaw. Because a guy in Florida did that, except the reason he was unsuccessful was because he tried to smuggle it past the policemen by hiding it under his shirt. And then trying to ride away on a stolen bicycle, still holding the chainsaw under his shirt.

Or, you could count your lucky stars that you were not one cat out of one hundred and fifty that police found in the house of a known hoarder. Animal Protection services were so shocked that they didn’t even know how to react to the situation. I mean, hoarding cats? And one hundred and fifty of them? Seems terrifying. But that’s not all. The hoarder had been stopped before because of her association with incidents involving over four hundred and fifty cats.

This is so great. It’s a miracle that anybody has any faith in the human race’s intelligence any more.


Album of the month

This month I’ve been obsessed with two very different albums, and they’re causing me extreme identity issues because one moment I’ll be feeling pretty and girly and original and fabulous, and then the next I’m fed up with the world and on a rampage about society, feeling like I need to go get a tattoo and stomp around in my Dr. Martens. Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll was on repeat 24/7, that is until I gave in and bought the new Taylor Swift album, 1989. I’m not even going to deny it; Taylor Swift has been my secret obsession since about 2011, and I still love her music. Listening to her music is that feeling when nobody’s home and you’re dancing around in your underwear. She makes me want to wear red lipstick and go on romantic boat rides. On the other hand, Fall Out Boy is just pure awesome wrapped up in a purple bow and hurled through your bedroom window with a note attached: “Meet me at the train station and we’ll go start a riot.” Do you see the issue?

Song of the month

Yet another dilemma is that whenever I listen to Mayday Parade’s Angels I feel like bursting into tears. So let’s add that to my already paradoxical personality and you get a teenage girl lying on the floor wearing black boots and red lipstick, and sobbing with alternative music playing in the background. This is great. It’s no wonder I don’t have a boyfriend.

In any case, Angels is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. You should listen to it. Now.

Lyric of the month

“If luck is on my side tonight
My clumsy tongue will make it right
And wrists that touch
It isn't much, but it's enough
To form imaginary lines
Forget your scars, we'll forget mine
The hours change so fast
Oh God, please make this last”
- Mayday Parade, I Swear This Time I Mean It

So that’s pretty much the basics of what I’ve been up to this month (last month, cough cough), but I hope this cured your boredom in some way or another. Subscribe to get a notification when I post new blogs and reviews and all that jazz.

Oh, and I’m due to start exams this Wednesday, so either expect a surge in the amount of reading I’m doing as a result of severe procrastination, or otherwise expect me to be M.I.A. because I’m freaking out about having to get good marks to get into university in like a year (*clutches at throat unable to breathe*).  Anyway. Have a good November

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