Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Another Update From Amy

Hello, darkness my old friend.

As of today (or perhaps yesterday) I am officially off reading and blogging hiatus! Not that I ever officially announced that I was on hiatus, but with exams and school I decided that any and all distractions needed to be eradicated immediately, hence the long month (*cough* almost a year *cough*) where I posted about one blog and one review. (Let it be known that both were done in guilt while I was supposed to be studying for something “important”.)

In any case, I have finally finished my exams (a.k.a. “the month of terror”, “bloody November”, “education knockdown” etc.) and am now in that awkward transition at school where the term is actually supposed to have ended, but we are still expected in class for some bizarre reason. All that to say that (hopefully) today will be the start of a serious reading and reviewing period (with some blogs and rants alongside, undoubtedly). Let us not forget that this year has been my most unsuccessful year of reading ever. I’ve just checked my Goodreads stats, and I’ve finished a total of 26 books this year, meaning I have to read about double that amount just to feel slightly accomplished. So much to read, so little time…

An important piece of news is that I recently did a review for Writers Write, a South African company that does a lot of creative writing workshops and gives awesome tips for new writers, so if you’re getting into writing or are just interested in improving your writing techniques you should check out their website here. I’m hopefully going to be doing a few more reviews for them over the next year or so, and am thinking of signing up to some other reviewing sites just because it was so much fun. But I’ll keep you posted.

One last thing: despite the fact that I am practically promising that I’ll be posting loads more blogs and reviews in the next month or so, I’m just putting it out there that our WiFi at home is being seriously annoying (the service provider people have narrowed our bandwidth because of all the businesses in the area, so between 9a.m. and 5p.m. it’s impossible to load a single web page). So it’s likely that all of my posts will either be uploaded in the dead of night (South African time). Sorry. A good idea would be to subscribe so that you’re emailed whenever I post something, instead of loading the entire webpage and finding I haven’t posted anything new (and I’ve been told that this is extremely painful… sorry again) or otherwise follow my blog on Twitter for updates.

So in short: expect more reviews and blogs (not only on this website, but I’ll post links to my Twitter account), and subscribe because I’m going to be destroying what remains of my sleeping patterns in an extreme effort to keep this blog updated for once. So stay tuned because maybe I’ll be inspired and write something interesting.

To the people that are going to try interrupting
my Struggle-To-Finish-50-Books-By-2015
and Salvage-What's-Left-Of-The-Dignity-Of-This-Blog

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