Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Nerd List - June/July 2014

I know, I know… I forgot to do a June Nerd List, but this time I have a legitimate excuse: I was in New York (blog to come soon, hopefully). So for the second time in a row this will be a mash-up Nerd List… Yay!


Books I’ve Read:

Book of the month

My favourite book of this month (and probably this year) is Jennifer L. Armentrout’s ‘Don’t Look Back’. Honestly, it was just brilliant. Armentrout is phenomenal, and both this novel and the Lux series have a special place in my heart.

Character of the month

I’m going to have to award this to Samantha from ‘Don’t Look Back’, because even though she had amnesia (and probably because she had amnesia) she transformed from horrible Queen Bee to sweet and empathetic girl-next-door within, like, a day. That takes some skills.

Quote of the month

“Sucks to your ass-mar!”

(I reread ‘Lord of the Flies’ for my AP English exam and I swear I was about to write only this quote as my entire essay, but then I thought I would prefer to actually maybe pass and not get kicked out of school just yet.)


Fangirl moment of the month

As I said before, I went to Washington and New York near the end of June, and when I finally got there I nearly died from excitement (and jetlag but that’s irrelevant). I don’t know what it is about New York, but it made me want to throw what little money I have at a dingy apartment and get a dead end job at a bookstore and live there forever. Of course my apartment would have to have a fire escape, though, so that I could do that movie moment where I sit with my leg over the edge and a guitar on my knee and stare out at the stars for hours on end. I wouldn’t even mind being in a city filled to the brim with people all the time, and that’s saying something.

Facepalm moment of the month

I will most certainly do a blog on this in the near future (I’m thinking of titling it ‘The Visa Catastrophe’), but to cut an extremely long and emotional story short, my lovely mother checked my American visa wrong and when I had a nightmare the day before I was supposed to leave (as one does about planes and losing one’s bags etc.) we realized my visa had expired. Let me emphasize that in capital letters, in case you didn’t catch it: IT WAS A DAY BEFORE I HAD TO LEAVE, AND I DIDN’T HAVE A VALID VISA. And me being me, I had asked my mother to check my passport once a month, every month, since December. So I had to book an emergency visa appointment, and luckily I was able to get the visa and a flight for the Monday that my conference started (also a blog on that soon). But I had to fly alone (details in my flying blog) next to a smelly, sick, unhygienic Chinese man. Oh, and I went to the wrong baggage terminal when I got to Washington, and naturally the terminal I was at was literally on the other side of the airport to the one I was supposed to be at. And America being America, the airport was the size of a small town. So I had to do two more security checks, take a train, and collect my baggage about an hour later. Alone. Alone for the first time in an international airport. But I lived, so I guess that’s something to be grateful for.


Album of the month

5 Seconds Of Summer’s debut album finally got released when I was in America, and I am not even joking when I say I hacked into the hotel’s free wifi just to download it. It was worth it. I love it so much. It’s great because it’s the kind of music that you hear on the radio, except with real instruments being played by real people. It’s like a mixture of All Time Low, Green Day and MKTO (kind of… I don’t really know what artists are being played on the radio nowadays because of my strong opposition towards that synthesized pre-mixed stuff and poppy, Justin Bieber-ish blabber has invaded all the decent radio stations).

Song of the month

I’ve been listening to A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera’s ‘Say Something’ nonstop, and even learned how to play it on piano so that I could annoy my family to a greater extent by jamming it every thirty seconds. Sometimes I sing, too, but that makes the neighbors call the police because they think somebody’s drowning or dying or something.

Lyric of the month

“Take off your makeup and put down the camera. Choke on the drama that makes me want to tear up the pictures, the pages you’ve saved, creating a life of trends and make believe. Carry me home, back where I’ll be miles and miles away leaving you to be forever seventeen, cleaning up the messes that you’ve made.”
- All Time Low, The Girl’s A Straight-Up Hustler


Movie of the month

I haven’t watched any because it’s been exams and I actually want to pass school.

This is such a mediocre Nerd List but I was drowning in exams until about four hours ago, so I haven’t actually done much in July. I have a lot of good blogs planned about what I did in June, and I go on school holiday in a week and a day (it’s actually one week and eighteen hours from now but who’s counting, right?) so hopefully then I can write about ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING and get on top of my reading and reviewing once again. I’m so excited. STAY TUNED. BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING.

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  1. No movies as I was studying - truly a nerd list ;~)