Wednesday, 30 July 2014

100th Blog?!

Well, hello there.

I was just about to post my latest review (I know, it took me long enough, didn't it?) and I realized that my next post would be my 100th. Apparently that's a big deal, right? It kind of marks my first step into serious blogger-dom, like a coming of age ritual. (I was just struck by an image of people dancing around a burning laptop and chanting internet slang... What is my life coming to?)

Anyway, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everybody and anybody out there in the big wide world who cares enough to read anything on this blog. I know there are some people who do it religiously, and then there are some who log on every once in a while to laugh at my stupidity or read my latest review where I end up embarrassing myself anyway. I love all of you, and thank you for caring to read about a dorky teenage girl who dared to put her opinions and dreams on the internet just over a year ago. This blog really means a lot to me, and it means the world that people read it. We've been through a couple of rough patches (some tears and freak out sessions over a couple of things if I'm being completely honest) and then my occasional and unreasonably long patches of silence, but I feel like if we could've made it this far, it could carry on and turn into something beautiful.

So as another one-small-step-for-bloggers-one-large-step-for-bloggerkind, I've decided to expand this little blog to greater proportions (due to endless begging from my friends and family to make it more accessible - apparently Google + isn't very good at, well, much). As soon as I get a spare second, All Things Amy will have a Facebook page (despite how it makes me cringe) so that you can like and share my posts more easily, and we can get even more people to join this weird and great friendship-cult thing we have going on here. I'll also make a Tumblr account for all those special hipsters that are too cool for socially "normal" websites like Facebook. Okay, and you know what? I'll even make a Twitter account where I'll post one-liners of reviews and links to my blogs so you can follow my blog there, too. Yay, social media!

Once again, thank you for all your support. This blog would mean nothing without people to read it. Thank you for being incredible.

Amy xx

(Also I'm sorry for any errors. I'm trying this on an iPad because my laptop's battery is dead and we all know how exciting it is to type on a screen where everywhere you accidentally tap practically launches a small nuclear missile in North Korea. I promise to edit it ASAP.)

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  1. So sorry I missed this post at the time :/ it's an especially cool one and, as you say, an important moment :)