Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Happy New Year and New Year's Resolutions

I’m really terrible at this whole “do a blog wishing everyone a happy holidays” on time, aren’t I?

Oh, well. Better late than never, right? (I hate that saying with a passion, and I hate being late, so I have no idea what possessed me to do both my Christmas and New Year’s blogs about six days after the actual holiday. Forgive me.)

So, Happy New Year! I hope that every single one of you reading this post has an incredible 2014!

The start of a new year has always been a tricky transition for me, and I’m not sure if that’s because I have a tendency to write the previous year’s date on all of my schoolwork until about mid-July, or whether I have a pretty much pathological fear of change. Either way, I generally avoid New Year’s resolutions, as not to set my hopes high for “a great year of a happy social life, good grades and time to pursue the millions of hobbies and dreams I’ve been building up over the past sixteen years of my life,” because we all know that all of those things put together is pretty much impossible. I know that unless I do something as drastic as post my New Year’s resolutions on the internet (hint, hint as to what the rest of this post is going to be…) so that I am absolutely forced to carry through with them, I will forget about them by pretty much the next day.

Ahem… I guess this is the part where I adhere to society’s ridiculous ritual of making myself several promises to better improve the lifestyle that I personally am already happy with, but that other people always seem to be finding fault with. Note that I have thought long and hard about which resolutions I can probably carry through with, and are drastic enough to satisfy my parents… Ironically most of them turned into Reading Resolutions (so much for drastically changing my lifestyle).

1. I WILL FINISH A CLASH OF KINGS BY GEORGE R. R. MARTIN (because I may or may not have been reading it since April 2013).

2. I will read all of the books on my AP English reading list because I promised myself that I would do them in Grade 10 but then I didn’t and now I’m behind oops more work oh my word and school hasn’t even started yet. (And I will also work on writing proper sentences with punctuation, seeing as I am an AP English student.)

3. I will not pack my suitcase half full of books when I know that I am going to a place where I will not be able to read all of them (because it makes my suitcase heavy, and I never have enough clothes.)

4. I will not terrify my family by telling them – however sarcastically – that I am planning on doing anything mentioned in my Tips forChristmas Socialization blog. (Seriously, guys, let it go – I was totally joking and I can’t believe you actually believed me. I do not plan on becoming anything of the sort mentioned in the blog – although when I said I was planning on becoming a unicorn… let’s just say if it were possible, it would be my first choice.)

5. I will not scream at my friends or family (more than once) if they bend the spines of the books I lend them. (Although after the amount of times that I’ve screamed blue murder about the pristine condition my books should be left in, they should have gotten the message by now.)

6. I will not shout at my friends or family (at all) about the poor condition of their own books, or the disorganization of their bookshelves.

7. I will not overindulge in chocolate or ice cream if and when I feel depressed that a series is over, or if a character dies, or if my favourite fictional couple breaks up, or if somebody accidentally tells me the ending of a book I haven’t finished yet.

8. I will not abuse my friends and family for singing Christmas carols when it’s already June.

9. I will not spend weeks at a time holed up in my bedroom reading, playing Call of Duty, Goodreads-ing, Tweeting, or YouTube-ing.

10. I will stop verbally correcting people’s grammatical errors (my sister has sworn that the next time I correct her grammar, she will feed me an Oxford dictionary page by page and record it to put it on YouTube… apparently people are fine with saying the wrong thing and being wrong overall… Oh well…)

(Note that in my last resolution I said “verbally”. I will stop correcting people verbally. So I can still correct people in writing… Expect another grammatical errors blog in the near future.)

I hope you all have a great New Year (again)! Feel free to comment some of your own resolutions in the comments below, and subscribe to my posts to get notified whenever I write a new blog or review.

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