Tuesday, 22 April 2014

This was supposed to be useful...

Hi everyone!

So this will be a really short, informative (hopefully) post, because I have about 45 minutes until I need to get my stuff together and leave for the airport, and as per usual I planned a really cool, beautiful blog about my future adventures but never got to writing it because I swear I am the laziest person on this entire planet.

I’m not even joking. I’ve been talking about this stupid tour and planning a cool blog and everything for months now, but – being the professional procrastinator that I am – I left it to the absolute last minute and now I have to rush it. Thanks, brain.

Anyway… I’m going away to an Arts tour of Europe with my school for the next two weeks, so unfortunately I will not be posting anything amazingly awesome to brighten up your sad, miserable lives (that’s meant to be ironic because I have barely been posting anything and when I do it’s hardly incredible – sorry again). Basically, it’s a tour of Paris, Rome, Vienna, Venice, Florence, Tuscany and Prague, and I am super excited. I pinky promise, swear on my (in)sanity that I will do a blog when I get back on all the stuff I did and how I publicly embarrassed myself several times (we all know it’s inevitable).

Because I’m away for two weeks in a strange country with thirty teenage girls, I will also not be posting an April Nerd List. THIS TIME IT WILL BE INTENTIONAL THAT I DO NOT POST IT. It’s not a repeat of the “oops-it’s-already-March-and-there’s-no-February-Nerd-List” incident. I do have a legitimate excuse this time. I will do a joint April-May Nerd List when I get back, because hopefully I will spend the entire flight begging forgiveness for my sins and reading instead of watching movies on those cool little TVs.

I hope everyone’s had a good Easter (well, great. I forgot to do that blog as well. Ultimate failure.) Be safe if you’re travelling during the holidays, and be safe if you’re at school or work instead.

As a further apology for my past, present and future absence, please enjoy this cute gif that I found mildly amusing.

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