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Hey, you!

New readers, welcome to the dark side. We have books here. You’ll love it.

I’m Amy, the almost invisible force that’s been running this blog since 2013 when I decided I needed a bigger space to expose my inner nerd. This is where I come to muse and moan about how much better life would be if fiction replaced reality. (But seriously… dragons. How cool would that be?)

Although my blog is called ‘All Things Amy’, you’ll quickly discover that “all things” usually refers to books. Reading occupies most of my time, but I occasionally step out of the world inside my head to write a couple of reviews. Other than that, I’m generally banging out a Beethoven sonata on my piano and irritating the hell out of my parents and younger sister. Or writing. Or daydreaming about writing.

You’ll learn very quickly that I have an insatiable need to convey my opinions on here, probably because I’m like Ariel in that I’m unable to express myself vocally in my human form.

What else? I’m a seventeen-year-old South African racing through my last year of school, which means my entire world still revolves around an education system that aims to brainwash me into a conformist capitalist lifestyle. So far it hasn’t entirely succeeded, but we’ll see. Unfortunately, this means I’m not always as active as I’d like to be, but I have big plans for this little blog. Stay tuned.

I love getting in touch with my readers, so feel free to contact me by commenting, subscribing, emailing me (at allthingsamy[at]yahoo[dot]com), or following me on Twitter. I’ll tell you about what books made me cry and you can laugh at my social ineptitude.

Oh, and thanks for reading my blog. You’re awesome.

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