Saturday, 25 July 2015

'Trigger Warning' by Neil Gaiman

Date finished: 19 April 2015

Rating: 5/5

It cannot be disputed that Neil Gaiman is among the finest fantasy writers of this generation. His latest compilation of short stories is evidence enough of his skill in weaving wonderfully weird and disturbing fairy-tales for adults that will remain embedded in the back of his readers’ minds forever.

Trigger Warning is not for the lighthearted. Its strange and often wildly unnerving contents are intended to provoke feelings in the reader that trigger strong emotional responses. We are continuously confronted with stories that contain death, tears, pain and helplessness – even the occasional happy ending. We are invited to explore the deepest contents of our imaginations, awaken the monsters of the past and face them courageously.

The craft of writing short stories is not an easy one. To write short stories that leave such a lasting impact on readers, and then to succeed in selling them despite this, should be close to impossible. Trigger Warning exceeds all expectations, and provides an intriguing and terrifying glimpse into the mind of a fantasy genius. I highly recommend reading Gaiman’s works.

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